My Approach

I have developed my methodology as a result of years of experience working with business owners.  It is not designed to be a linear, step by step approach. Rather, it is centred around three key objectives: to improve profitability and cash flow, to provide you with peace of mind that your business is under control, and to improve the value of your business.

There are three phases, each with their own components, that can be addressed as needed. Throughout the process, I will guide you and provide advice, as well as, on-going support, as needed, as you make real, measurable changes to your business.


In this phase, we’ll take an in-depth look at your business. We’ll deal with two components – both the financial and non-financial elements to understand your current position. This may be a reality check!

Financial Health – I’ll analyze the financial health of your business, and together we’ll determine where your strengths are and what areas may need improvement.

Q & A – during this comprehensive discussion, we’ll talk about all aspects of your business. We’ll discuss your strengths, discover your challenges and uncover your opportunities…and much more.


In this phase, we start to roll up our sleeves and make plans for improvement. You will gain new knowledge about your business that will give you additional confidence when making business decisions. We’ll develop strategies and set goals by looking at the following functions:

Profit Improvement Planning – we’ll look at the 4 ways to profit improvement and the impact small incremental changes can have on your bottom line.

Strategic Thinking – we’ll take a 30,000-foot view of your business which will provide clarity and focus for your vision.

Financial Forecasting – using your company’s financial history, we’ll prepare forecasted financial statements that you will use as a benchmark for performance.

Key Performance Indicators – we’ll identify, measure and interpret your business’ critical success factors.

Systems and Processes – we’ll review, assess and develop systems and processes for efficient reporting, work flow and communications throughout your business.


In this phase, we’ll transform our findings into action steps, monitor the progress and evaluate the results. If necessary, we’ll go back and adjust the plans and/or strategies that support financial growth, performance and peace of mind.

Monitoring and Scorekeeping – we’ll track, review and evaluate your KPI’s & financial performance against forecasts.

Business Advisory – using a collaborative approach, I’ll be your sounding board to keep you focused on your business’ objectives.

Business Coaching – I’ll keep you on track with motivation, inspiration, and encouragement providing you with constructive feedback and recommendations and, most importantly, an ear!

Liaison with Bankers – I will act as the bridge between your business and your banker, making financial dealings less stressful, more efficient, and easier to understand.

Accounting and Taxes – I will prepare your financial statements and corporate tax returns in a timely manner, while your year-end tax plan is optimized so you pay the least amount of income taxes possible.


I give you my word

You will be satisfied with my involvement. If not, I will revisit our agreement.


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