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How to take control of how much money your business makes

As a business advisor and external CFO who works with various businesses in a variety of industries, I see business owners overlooking the factors they can control every day. But once I explain that profitability is not a matter of luck and show them what they can do to make more money regardless of external uncontrollable factors, they are able to turn their businesses around. Most are nothing short of amazed at the profits they are able to generate by taking control.

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12 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make

Insights from a business advisor

In this report, I address the 12 most common mistakes I have seen business owners (even the really smart ones!) make time and time again. The good news is that these mistakes can be corrected or avoided altogether. So, consider this a friendly heads-up from your external CFO and business advisor. My hope is that, armed with this bit of information, you can avoid these errors right from the start and make the best decisions possible for your business to thrive.

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